Lessons from peculiar cases of anaphylaxis: why allergists should be prepared for the unexpected
May 3, 2021
Citation: Eur Ann Allergy Clin Immunol. 2021 May 3 [Epub ahead of print]

Summary Anaphylaxis is the most severe systemic hypersensitivity reaction, it can be caused by a number of well identified triggers such as foods, drugs, stinging insects and facilitated by predisposing clinical conditions. However, sometimes anaphylaxis shows up with uncommon or peculiar characteristics which could delay diagnosis and therapeutic treatment. In this report we aimed to describe less accounted / difficult-to-approach shapes of anaphylaxis to facilitate clinicians to suspect these severe reactions even in uncommon conditions. We choose to present data on anaphylaxis regarding simulation, mode of exposure to sensitizing agents, pregnancy, exposure to animals, intimate behaviour, psychological stress and other situations.