Dakin's solution in the treatment of severe diabetic foot infections
April 1, 2020
Citation: Int Wound J. 2020 Apr; 17(2): 277-284

Acute necrotising diabetic foot (DF) infections are common, costly, and do not infrequently result in debilitating major lower-extremity amputations. Dakin's solution is a long-standing topical antiseptic that has shown benefit in this clinical setting, but its use is undermined by a presumed risk of cytotoxicity. In this single-centre case series, we retrospectively evaluated 24 patients with severe necrotising DF infections treated with a cyclical instillation of Dakin's solution at a referral multidisciplinary DF unit. Most patients achieved favourable outcomes in infection control and limb salvage, with only one patient (4.2%) requiring a major (at or above-the-ankle) amputation. The mean time to complete or near-complete wound granulation was 5.4 weeks. Of the 12 patients who completed 12 or more months of longitudinal follow up, only 2 (12.2%) had a wound recurrence. In this severe DF infection patient cohort, Dakin's solution led to a clinically meaningful improvement. No remarkable impairment in the wound-healing process was observed.